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Suspect Infidelity?

There are many things to look out for when you have suspicions of domestic infidelity. For example:

  • Quick hang-up phone calls - Someone gets an unexpected telephone call and quickly hangs up or deletes the number in front of you.
  • Controlling the cell phone or always having it in their possession - Perhaps this is innocent or they may be trying to keep the other party from picking up the phone at a wrong moment.
  • Rumors flying among friends or at the office. - An anonymous call or perhaps a close friend of a friend tells you something about your spouse.
  • Making partial admissions when confronted with suspicions or misdirecting to other lesser issues or conduct.

Kinds of Issues tested:

Private Issue Polygraph Testing

Private relationship issues often involve possible infidelity (romatic, sexual or emotional), false suspicions, hidden strip-club, pornography or sexual encounters or experimenting, strange interests, or relate to child, relative or neighbor abuse, petting, exposure or flirting. These issues are becoming more common partly due to the internet. Click for more examples of issues we address.

When false accusations are flying around during a divorce process many attorneys recommend a private polygraph test. A false accusation can become a very serious matter in a court case. Issues like misuse of money or credit, or of hiding assets or even of child abuse or sexual misconduct may need to be addressed if the attorney or counselor recommends.

Sometimes these issues become very serious and a partner needs to know "what really went on" to help settle false or true accusations of sexual misconduct. When they are serious or potentially criminal, TPC is trained and prepared to help.