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All clients must prepay on line when the block an appointment time unless prior arrangements have been approved. NOTE: No REFUNDS for pre-paid blocked appointment times.

If you are paying a multiple or special quote pay in full below

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Professional Fees and Policies

Professional Fees and Policies

  • Professional fees are set and pre-paid on line when you book an appointment. You will receive a confirmation email.
  • Infidelity type examinations are $300.00 for one person
  • If both parties take an infidelity examination the second person is only $150.00
  • Other private various issue exams are $400.00 each
  • Criminal allegations begin at $900.00
  • Child sexual abuse examinations are $1000,00
  • Subpoenas for court or depositions or other hearings require pre-arrangement and scheduling and must be pre-paid on line $900.00 per day
  • Employee theft type issues are $250.00 each
  • Re-sets: If you discover that you cannot keep your appointment you may re-set one time by calling (903) 488-5111. You must call within two hours of your appointment time to receive credit for a re-set. No exceptions!

NOTE: Like you our time is valuable so there are No Refunds for blocked appointment times. You may however call and re-set the day and time.

  • All polygraph charts and video recordings if any are the proprietary work product of the Texas licensed examiner and will not be released to anyone that is not a licensed polygraph examiner and then not without a court order. All records are kept secure until they are shredded.
  • If requested a formal written report of findings is available on the next business day following your appointment.
  • By Texas law and industry standards all polygraph examinations results are confidential and the person taking the examination and requestor must agree not to post any comments on social media.

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All clients pay in cash at time of appointment or prepay for a discounted fee on-line.

NOTE: No REFUNDS for pre-paid blocked appointment times If Paying a Negotiated Fee or Multiple Appointments Enter Here