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Professional Fees and Discounts

Select your preferred appointment time and day. You will receive a CONFIRMATION EMAIL after you have pre-paid for the blocked appointment time. Note: Like you our time is valuable so there are NO REFUNDS for blocked and pre-paid appointment times, however you may re-set missed appointments FREE by calling (903) 488-5111.

NOTE: Any credit card cancellation after the appointment will ding your credit rating and may generate a complaint and subpoena from the court.

For a Discount Select your appointment day and time then pre-pay the professional fee for a confirmation Email.

  • Private Examination for Infidelity Concerns (for one person only)
    2 hours @ $300.00
  • Private Examination for Infidelity Concerns (for both partners at same appointment time)
    2 hours @ $450.00
  • Employee Theft Examinations (require a 48-hour notice to employee)
    2 hours each @ $250.00 (See EPPA forms)
    (Employer must submit copies of all forms)
  • Defend Yourself Against Child Sexual Abuse Allegations
    2 hours @ $1000.00 examination and covers one court appearance if subpoenaed
  • Verify UFO Encounters, out of body experiences or para-normal events
    2 hours @ $300.00
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