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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about a Polygraph

The Top Three Questions about Lie Detector Tests

  • I want to know if it is possible to "fool" the machine or beat the polygraph? Open or Close

    Anyone can be fooled by someone's lie and facial mannerisms or other gestures that are not as reliable as a professional polygraph examination. Personal impressions do not influence the electronic instruments used at Texas Polygraph Counselors. We rely on advanced polygraph technology and training to interpret multiple high sensitivity signals to derive at a professional opinion.

    Decades of advancement in experimental controls and improvements provide a number of checks and balances that help us derive a professional opinion of truth or deception from multi-sensor charts. One of these sensors and repeats will reveal deception-faking. A few people try to manipulate the polygraph and there are a lot of goofy and incorrect ideas on the Internet, but we keep up with these amateur attempts that are caught by the modern computer polygraph and a well-trained licensed examiner. Those untrained attempts to fool the polygraph often result in nervousness and then backfire to confirm deception.

  • How much does a professional lie detector test cost in the Dallas area? Open or Close

    Most private professional polygraph firms in the Dallas polygraph market charge between $300.00 to $600.00 or more for a single issue polygraph exam. Standard professional fees for examinations depend on the type of issue being tested and range from a few hundred dollars to over a thousand. A private issue or domestic infidelity test for one person is only $300.00 at Texas Polygraph Counselors.

  • How many questions may I ask? Open or Close

    Several questions can be asked but they must be of the same topic or issue being examined. A valid polygraph examination includes three or four types of questions as called for in the methodology but this is where your examiner can help during the pre-test interview. The interview will clarify the most important issues with easy to understand fact-based questions. The questions are reviewed in advance to avoid any unfairness, uncertainty or surprise. A person with nothing to hide feels relieved and relaxed about questions that clear up the issue.

Additional Frequently Asked Polygraph Questions (FAQ)

Questions about Costs and Payment

  • Do I have to pre-pay for an appointment? Open or Close

    Of course like you our time is valuable so you set your own appointment and pre-pay now on line. These fees and policies are set industry standards which help avoid any suggestion of bias.

  • What kinds of polygraph equipment do you use? Open or Close

    We use the same commercial equipment and instruments used by the federal government, military and most police and fire departments in the United States. We use the most modern electronic computerized polygraph instruments. Our prestigious convenient office tower location is at the corner of Midway Rd and Spring Valley (4100 Spring Valley Rd., Suite 626, Dallas, Texas 75234. (See Contact page for map).

  • What about accuracy and trying to fool the polygraph? Open or Close

    The Polygraph (Lie Detector) is the absolute best technology and art available to determine the truth of a specific issues. In Texas only a state licensed polygraph examiner may legally examine someone for the purpose of verifying the truth of a particular statement. The polygraph examination has a high success rate usually over 85% accurate

  • Why choose Texas Polygraph Counselors? Open or Close

    Several reasons exist, but most important is our level of professionalism and proven abilities. We administer casual friendly but structured interviews in relaxed atmosphere. Our office and lab is convenient to all clients in the north Texas region which often includes Oklahoma, Louisiana and East Texas.

  • Why are you considered one of the best polygraph firms in Dallas? Open or Close

    Professional standards and integrity are important in any industry but especially when it comes to truth verification in criminal matters for court, employee theft or private issues. Every examination is important to the requestor and the one participating in the test. Our staff has outstanding accredited training in Polygraph Science and graduate degrees in Counseling, Criminal Justice, and Psychology. This leads our firm to be especially capable of and equipped to handle many types situations for our clients.

  • Do you have any after-hours appointments? Open or Close

    Sure but these are based on who called first and must be pre-paid with a credit card through the web site at www.TexasPolygraphCounselors.com. Call first to make the appointment then pay on line. We will send a confirmation email from the web site when that is accomplished. There are no refunds for after-hours appointments.

  • Can you conduct an exam in Spanish? Open or Close

    NO, however you may furnish an associate to assist the licensed examiner during the examination.

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