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About Polygraph

A professional polygraph examination sometimes referred to as Psychophysiological Detection of Deception or PDD is commonly called a Lie Detector Test. We believe a better term is "Truth Verification".

The process begins with a friendly relaxed interview in which the issues at hand are discussed in a calm, frank non-accusatory manner. All of the questions that will be asked during the in-test phase (using the instruments) will be developed and reviewed at this time. There are no surprises in a professional polygraph test.

The instruments measure various involuntary physiological reactions that occur during the in-test phase. There are a lot of checks and balances built in to the process for reliability. For example, the same question will be asked more than one time and in a different order.

Texas Polygraph Counselors use the latest computers with special chart analysis software and the latest in peer-reviewed testing templates developed by Department of Defense agencies and recommended by the American Polygraph Association.

When trying to resolve personal issues or sensitive family matters, people often wonder if they should address these concerns by getting a POLYGRAPH EXAMINATION. The answer is often... YES! Our firm administers several exams per week for private clients who are looking for the truth and a fresh start. Sometimes it's just the small things, like "the rest of the story", that are brought out in a professional examination. Sometimes there was only minor deception or misinterpretations. But sometimes a partner is deceptive about somthing serious and can not explain it away any more when confronted with charts of "tell tale" involuntary reactions.

There are other reasons why a polygraph can be the fastest, simplest or even only way to get to the truth:

"It is the fastest confirmation of truth or lies.
Compared to long investigations and surveilance, this may be the best and cheaper way.
In cases where the act is one time and past, surveilance will likely not work. That is where a polygraph may be best."--Top Lie Detectors

Participating in a private and confidential test is straight-forward and there are no surprises. All examinations are by appointment during the day and last about an hour and a half. There are some after-hours times available on a first-appointment-made basis. Everything is accomplished at one set time and usually both parties come in then and we discuss the issues during the "pre-test interview" (same appointment time).

The licensed examiner will show you how and why the polygraph works and then help you design a set of clear questions that will be used during the actual test. Many people are concerned about being nervous during the test. This of course is normal but it will not affect the outcome of a valid examination. In addition to that, the trained examiner will have several checks and balances that are built in to the process and used to insure a higher level of confidence in the professional opinion. In Dallas, only Texas Polygraph Counselors specializes in serving private clients. Our office and lab is on the 12th floor of the ClearChannel building near LBJ (635) and the Tollway across from the Galleria Mall in north Dallas.

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