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About Texas Polygraph Counselors

Texas Polygraph Counselors™ specializes in serving private lie detector clients in Dallas, Plano, Frisco and the surrounding north Texas region.

Our Polygraph Examiners are all professionally licensed with years of experience and additional training in the guidelines established by the Joint Polygraph Committee on Offender Testing (JPCOT). All of our Examiners are graduates of American Polygraph Association (APA) accredited schools.

Texas Polygraph Counselors is perhaps the only firm in Dallas with a practice that focuses on private issue clients and domestic relationship matters. An examination begins with a frank discussion of the issues and suspicions with one of our licensed examiners. You will see how and why the polygraph works so well along with the practical limitations of the technology. Your assigned examiner will help you design and agree on a set of valid fact-based questions that work best with the polygraph. You can trust this firm to be completely impartial and fair, never siding with one party or the other. All of your questions will be addressed during your appointment. Please see the frequently asked questions (FAQ) posted on this web site.

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