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Couples Lie Detector Testing

What to Expect

The appointment takes about two hours or less. Usually both parties come in and we begin with a frank discussion of the issues and concerns before deciding on a good set of polygraph questions. The examiner will answer all of your questions during the pre-test interview (same appointment). If you'd rather take a confidential examination (alone) before the other party is aware, that is your option. Results are provided right after the examination and a written report of findings (if required) is available on the next business day.

Resolve Suspicions

Attending counseling sessions without first discovering the real issues and starting point is often a waste of time and money. Lie detection services in Dallas can be limited, and some licensed examiners are not allowed to practice in this field especially if they are still employed by a law enforcement agency. Our examiners are retired federal agents or sponsored examiners with additional training in standards set out by the Joint Polygraph Committee of Offender Testing or JPCOT, trained to assess issues and interpret tests correctly.

If you want the truth, polygraph can be the answer to your need to resolve matters and "get on" with your life without suspicions.TPC specializes in private issues, relationship problems and business security to help resolve suspicions or accusations. With private, legal and government issues experience, TPC is uniquely qualified to help you deal with accusations which could become serious. Often TPC helps resolve issues in a fair, equitable manner of most benefit to all.

The modern polygraph methodology provides reliable information. A properly-conducted polygraph or lie detector test when administered by a professional examiner with high standards is often the best available tool to discover the truth of a specific statement.

All loving relationships should be based on "trust" and once there is suspicion or a break-down in trust then it's time to clear the air for a fresh start. Texas Polygraph Counselors specializes in private clients with domestic relationship issues. Our polygraph clients are often referred by relationship counselors as a way of helping individuals see their problems or break through denial. Usually the issue will focus on one party, but occassionally both may need or seek testing.

Texas Polygraph Counselors also administers criminal allegations testing and court-ordered sexual offender monitoring examinations, or those requested by treatment providers, parole supervisors or private clients.

There are many things to look out for when you have suspicions of domestic infidelity.
For more information: See Signs of Infidelity page.

Anyone can make a confidential appointment in our class "A" office facilities. Our low professional fees are competitive with any provider in Dallas, TX---low fees for this level of experience, quality and comfort. You can also pay on-line with a credit card. Some after-hours appointments are available.

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